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2017 ProjectDirectors.Org Career Awards

ProjectDirectors.Org Career is proud to announce the 2017 Career Awards granted to the top influencers that have impacted most in our community. This impact-based Career Awards have been year by year gaining recognition, that nowadays they are a reference in our industry.

Following you can find the winners of the 2017 ProjectDirectors.Org Career Awards:

  • PD Of the Year: Henny Portman, for providing exceptional guidance to PMO directors and project managers, including great mindmaps.
  • Award for Excellence: Lindsay Scott, for being an outstanding professional in project management recruiting, and also leading the PMO FlashMob initiative.
  • Award for Innovation: Cornelius Fichtner, for The PM Podcast which continues year after year leading innovation in project management learning.
  • Award for Influence: Samad Aidane, for liberating project management from the tyranny of conventional wisdom. Thumbs up to Guerrilla Project Management.
  • Award for Impact: Ricardo Viana Vargas, for his great project management videos that have inspired thousands of professionals worldwide. Good job!
  • Award for Contribution: Peter Taylor, the Lazy Project Manager, who has provided to project management with a unique perspective of the profession.

We invite also to all the readers to join the #1 Portfolio, Program, PMO community and start contributing. Next year maybe you can become one of these trusted and reputed professionals.