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Connecting People. Dare to Share?

ProjectDirectors.Org. Linkedin. Facebook and Twitter. Connecting People and opportunities. The Challenge? Connecting the right People to each other. I am sure you know all about it! Doing The right project at The right time with The right People? That’s a hot topic in project portfolio management as well as in business. 

Sharing is the buzz word nowadays. Everything is social. You can see it when people ask to share their CV within your network. And why wouldn’t you. It is a simple way to share exposure and give someone an opportunity to meet the right person within your network. You never know how it works out…

It is the same for other business. If you don’t share opportunities you won’t receive any either. So in a way it is a way of survival. A very simplistic view: we depend on each other to push the work and money around to ensure we can cover our basic needs while realising our business goals. Quite a responsibility!

Let’s look in the mirror for a second…
* How much can you rely on your network?
* Have you shared any business opportunities?
* What is your added value?
* When should you say no?
* Ever thought about matching as creating chances for the future?
* How do you get the right resources for your projects?

You probably read about the Six Degrees of Separation. The theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. Since we have social media tools the world has become more flat, smaller and @LinkedIn you can actually see how many steps you are away from someone! Also professional networks like Project Directors are a platform to share and create opportunities. Are you not registered yet? Join today!

Dare to share!
Connecting is one thing, but the other is all about sharing. How much do you share. How much is fair to ask when you know that someone has to make a living of his expertise as well. What is your own strategic goal? Why would you give away an opportunity to someone else in your network while you are looking for opportunities yourself as well?

Why do I share? I enjoy sharing my expertise and knowledge about P3O, portfolio management and other topics I am interested in. I’m aware though that my simple view on things is nothing more than my observation and thougths about what I have seen, experienced, etc. I am interested in hearing different views and perspectives as well. And of course LinkedIn is a professional network like is as well for it’s own expertise, so yes, this is also a way of marketing and providing you an insight in what I am doing. That way when you need a specific job done it will make it easier for you to make the match and contact me for doing business together.

Win-win requires trust
Why not give an opportunity away to someone in your network when you know that would be the right match for the job? My view is that doing so is more valuable when I feel someone else in my network is more suitable for the opportunity I received than I am. In that case I’ll be happy to pass it on. It is exactly the same when you are not available for a new opportunity, but you know your colleague is. You pass it on to each other. You trust them to do the job, and also you trust them  to think of you when something comes along that matches your expertise.

Daring to share is about trusting the people in your network.  Running projects is like running a business. You commit to make things happen and you cannot do it all alone. When you know each others strengths you add value by connecting the right people to each other. Is that all charity? Of course not. The IOU currency has been used since people started trading. Let’s ensure we can all make a living. That’s fair business. Let’s deliver our projects with the right persons in the right team.  How to find them? Connect & Share!