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PD Certification

Finding a job as a Project Director! Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, …

All MEGA projects needs Senior leader to get and support from a high level within the organization in order to deliver a successful results, It is important for any major undertaking to have someone in the senior management team ultimately responsible for the project, the agreed title name for this position is the Project Director. Depending on the context, can also receive the name of Programme Manager or Portfolio Manager.

Project Director has all the sufficient authority over all parts of the organization that are impacted by the project; he chairs the Project Board.

Basic Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 15 – 20 years serving as Project Manager or Project Director in MEGA environment.
  • Strong understanding and track record of developing businesses within a professional services.
  • Demonstrable experience in developing and managing complex business environment.
  •  Possess an expert level of competency in project management and the ability to identify potential problem and avoid them.
  • Strong leadership skills with detailed familiarity with project management tools and techniques.
  • Effective team management and proven success. 

The main differences in Job function between Project Director (PD) and Project Manager (PM) are:

  • Project Manager (PM) is responsible for day to day work of the assigned project and handles all the team members working for the project and manages the different resources.
  • Project Director (PD) is higher in hierarchy, the Project Manager s reporting to him, project’s success is his responsibility, he has the power to make all decisions, manages with specific business intention to contribute to the organisational goals. 

Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or equivalent product management experience.
  • Experience with EPCI projects preferred.
  • Worked as a Project Director or Senior Project Manager Level.
  • Operated in a Consortium or JV (Joint Venture) that delivered a project.
  • PMP Certification is a plus.
  • Advanced knowledge of Project Management principles and guidelines.
  • Outstanding coordination and time management skills. 

Job Benefits

In addition to a competitive basic salary, the Project Director is eligible for lot of benefits like:

  • Company Car/Allowance
  • Performance related bonus
  • End of service package
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Annual leave entitlement
  • Mobilisation allowance
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Annual flight allowance
  • Business Class tickets 


On the back of growing business success, the salary for this position is negotiable; reference to the international market, its amount is higher than the expected averages for similar managerial roles.

Project Director Earnings is normally between $96,000 and $156,000 a year.

  • Average salary is about $130,000 per year
  • Top salaries can reach $180,000 or more

Below are three sites that can be used as guideline:,16.htm 

Job Search Technique for Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, …

This is a permanent position and does not available for the Free lancers, outstanding career opportunities exist everywhere, you could follow up the below techniques to speed your Job search:

  • Review newspaper advertisements for job postings.
  • Review online job boards for new jobs
  • Review company job boards for new jobs
  • Look for people in your immediate network who work for organisations you’d like to work for, Ask for an informational interview. Ask for further connections in the field.
  • Tell your network what you want to do and the organizations in which you want to do it. Ask to be introduced to people they may know at these organisations or in your chosen field.
  • Create a hit list of organisations that you want to work for in the area you want to work.

Also you could access the below famous websites for vacancies search: 

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