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Chi-Pong Wong, PD Of The Year by ProjectDirectors.Org

Last 22th of December ProjectDirectors.Org published its world-renowned annual Award Winners, based on contributions by our PD Experts and how much of impact it has created to the Community.

Chi-Pong Wong (New York, USA) was recognized as the PD Of The Year 2013 by ProjectDirectors.Org by its great contributions to the Community during all the year 2013.
Today angelberniz interviews to Chi-Pong Wong for learning a bit more about the views and insights from this great Project Management influencer and visionary.

Q: First congratulations Chi-Pong Wong for your ‘PD Of the Year’ Award. What do you think were the most relevant Project Management evolutions in 2013?
A: Businesses have become more and more serious integrating risk management and retrospective management into their program and project management fabrics, and more companies set up PMOs to run key programs.

Q: What do you think are the new challenges in Project Management for 2014? What can we expect in 2014 with regards to Project Management?
A: Under rampant business downsizing, program and project management focus are unavoidably impacted, reduced, or cut. Executives will learn the hard way what cutting program and project management will have cost them.

Q: What are your plans for this coming year with regards to Project Management?
A: I have written about the success factors, seamless blending of risk management into project management, and retrospective management recently. The next topic on my mind is PMO not only because this term has been abused and widely used but also PMOs have been set up and run by people with less than desirable PM skills to make them effective.

Q: What is your best advice for a newbie Project Manager?
A: Gain sufficient PM knowledge and get some proficient PMs to be mentors as soon as possible.

Q: What would be your best advice for a senior Project Manager?
A: Gain management sponsorship and empowerment, set up enough milestones to track progress and scope creeps are among

Again congratulations Chi-Pong for your ‘PD Of the Year’ Award and thank your for sharing your knowledge with the Community.