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PD Certification

Peter Wyss, ProjectDirectors.Org 2014 PD Of The Year (Interview)

Hi Peter, first of all, congratulations on your 2014 PD Of The Year granted by ProjectDirectors.Org. We would love if you can answer some questions for the community.

Q: What did you feel when you found out that you won this award? What was the first thing that you did afterwards?
First and foremost, thanks a lot for the award. I was really surprised when I finally understood what happened. Because I received an email from you Angel with the message that “based on my impact in 2014 over theProjectDirectors.Org community, you have been recognized with the ‘PD Of The Year’ Award”. First I thought that this may be is a spam email until I realised that it is from you Angel. Then I checked online what it is and then I was really happy that I got this award for my contribution.
Q: How long have you been involved in Program Management?
In projects I am since 20 years. Program Management started about 10 years ago when I worked in large scale project where the role was more program management, however, it was never officially called as program management. Since 6 years, I do now actively and officially program management.
Q: In your opinion, what are the key achievements the Program Management discipline has gained during these years?
As I mentioned above, project managers are working in programmes, but not really aware about it. Key achievements from my point of view is the increased awareness about the discipline and the requirements especially on the personal skills and the role to play as a program manager.
Q: What do you think are the next goals that Project Directors should work on?
As a platform to share best practises and possible development in short session, with online courses or webinars to enhance the individuals knowledge and give practical tips.
Q: How do you see Program Management in 10 years?
With the speed of todays development, Program Management will have a far stronger incorporation in the business world because so many infrastructure and EPC projects will be built by then. The tools for learning and applying Program Management will be even better than today and it can be easily used by almost everyone because of the seamless internet integration on mobiles, tablets etc.
Q: Would you recommend starting the Project & Program Management career for recent graduates?
Yes of course, and this is not just because I like this type of work, it is a fact that we need a lot more talents working in projects and programs to build the world!
Q: What would be your best advice for someone that would like to be a Project Director?
Know your industry you are in ideally growing in this industry as an engineer and add great skills and experience from a commercial point of view. Of course, the general management knowledge and strong leadership which is based on communication, facilitation and negotiation is a must.
Q: What are your plans for this new year in Program Management?
Since my focus is more on EPC projects as a consultant and as a trainer, this years priority are the Program Managers skills, combined with a development model so that I complete my online course for EPC Project Management this year.
Thank you very much Angel for giving me this opportunity.