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How Does a Product Make You Feel?

Some of you may know of Edward Bernays. His influence, along with Freud’s and others, form the basis for public relations and many modern market strategies. For example, in order change society and make it more permissible for women to smoke in public, Bernays staged attractive models lighting up Lucky Strikes in a New York Easter Day Parade in the 1920s. All of a sudden, women began smoking much more and disregarding the old taboos. By making this behavior more acceptable, Bernays increased the profits of the Lucky Strikes cigarette company considerably.


While some may see his contributions in a negative light or as manipulative; one can’t deny the impact he has made. Nevertheless, he made marketing strategies concerned more with selling images and feelings rather than just the simple product. Today, when one sees advertisements for cars, they are almost always associated with freedom and the feeling of the open road. Some car companies even place attractive models in or near the car. This kind of advertisement creates a feeling or a desire for the customer which in turn leads to greater sales.

We could also mention Steve Jobs’ product presentations for his company Apple. Consider that in the 1980s IBM was the dominant company for the selling and distribution for computers and computer products. In order to compete with IBMs dominance, Steve Jobs used images which equated IBM to Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984. In this way, he gave Apple the image going against the old system and bringing new and innovative ideas.
While trying to overtly manipulate others should never be encouraged, Project Directors should be aware of how their final product will feel to the customer. The thoughts and feelings towards an end product should always be kept in mind throughout all stages of production. Lastly and most importantly, due to living in an increasingly global society, consideration towards the culture or subculture of the customer should always be given. While an advertisement might make someone from United Kingdom feel a certain way, someone in China could have different thoughts and feelings concerning the advertised product. Don’t forget than even in a city one can find different subcultures.

What is your advice about the best way to make more desirable your Products?

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