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"It’s Not What I Have, It’s Who I Am" Tip

Well, today we have a Leasson Learned concerning leadership and some things that might be personal.

Usually we hear the expression “companies are no longer looking for bosses, they are searching for leaders”. Indeed, the new roles in operations are no longer the old style “operations manager,” but rather are about leaders such as “project manager”, “service manager”, “product manager”, “solution manager”, “business manager”, etc. 


This, however, also has consequences. Now there is no longer a hierarchical relationship with the people who work for you; on the contrary, there are temporary roles within the context of a project. I mean, when the project is finished, for many it almost seems like an end to their “identity”. You can say that has never happened to you, but surely you know someone to whom this has happened ;-).

Well, I’ve always liked the slogan of a famous brand of watches (I won’t mention the name, but you probably know of which I speak) that says “It’s not what I have, it’s who I am”

This is a lesson we have had to learn. During these times of uncertainty, I think it is the key to success and professional staffing.


In conclusion, you must find your professional identity, without building it upon your current position. So, that’s how your Linkedin profile should look:

I recommend that you to read the following post – which is much along the lines of vision that I want to share with you today. I hope you find it of interest: click here. If you know spanish language, I recommend also this one.

What is your advice about the best way to preserve your professional identity?