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What Does Project Management Mean to Me –a Project Director’s Sermon #pmFlashBlog

As a Project Director, project management is the practice that guides my decisions. 
There are many professions and professionals that don’t have a verified and clear reference guide to help them to perform their work. But that’s not the problem of a Project Director. 
Project Management over the last four decades has concentrated all the best practices to manage difficult projects and make them real.

Our PMO helps many Project Managers to perform their assigned projects. All these projects are delivered to our Customers by the same brand (our company). So, they have to apply similar standardized approaches and deliver them in the professional manner that has been defined. 

Project Management drives all of us (Project Managers and Project Directors) to apply proven and value-driven processes, tools and techniques to achieve success through ISO 21500 by attending The ISO 21500 Course.

Only if we are conscious of the framework approach we have implemented, can we also analyze our Lessons Learned, and with that improve our capacity to drive change.

Life is change. It doesn’t matter if you presently earn a lot of money. You don’t have any guarantee that tomorrow you will earn any of it. Nowadays, everything changes very fast. Only people and organizations that have the knowledge to successfully drive change will survive.

So in my opinion, Project Management is the definitive solution to drive change.

But we don’t need only to successfully drive our change. Also we need to do it better than our competition. Let’s mention for Nokia or Blackberry as examples. They have had very good products but have driven change more slowly than their competition.

So, Project Management is the value that makes the difference for a person and company. There is never a high-mark for not continuing to improve it. Is there a maximum profit or success that you desire?. The more excellence in Project Management you have, the more successes you will achieve.

That is the reason why in the last four decades Project Management has been developed by professionals and also why it will continue developing always.

Because in the end, we all can be better leaders who drive our actions to take advantage of change.

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What does Project Management mean to you?

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