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Daily Standup Meeting – Managing Agile Projects Effectively: Am I Doing This Meeting Correctly?

In this article, I will not tell you “What exactly is Daily Standup meeting” but the idea is to discuss about the how this meeting helps in managing project effectively.

Scrum Teams in a sprint do Daily Standup meetings. During the start of the sprint, teams are more punctual in attending the Daily Standup meeting. At the mid or end of the sprint, team members are more concerned about telling their current work progress, rather than listening to other team mates. So it makes them unaware about the actual progress of the sprint.

Scrum teams discusses about the following during daily standup meetings:

What did you do yesterday?

If the team members are listening carefully to others, then they along with Scrum Master will be able to know about “Work Performance Information”. Work performance information is information not limited to: Deliverable Status and Schedule Progress. 

What will you do today?

If one developer tells about his Today’s planning for work, then tester knows about possible availability of work for Testing. In other words, tester will be able to “Sequence Activities” for his work. So do focus in the Daily stand-up meeting to avoid communication gap and unnecessary project overheads.

Are there any impediments in your way?

Generally team members thinks that whenever we will have an impediment, we will definitely know/tell about it. Discussing about impediments is a good way of Risk management.

By discussing Impediments you are:

a)Identifying Risks

b)Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis- Scrum Master/Product owner will perform Qualitative Risk analysis.

c)Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis- Scrum Master/Product owner will perform Quantitative Risk analysis.

d)Plan Risk Responses- Scrum Master/Product owner will plan risk responses.

Daily Standup meetings are good way of Managing Project Team by tracking team member performance, provididng feedback, resolving issues and managing changes to optimize project performance.

Daily Standup meeting is a good source of information for the Scrum of Scrums as well for higher management reporting. Scrum Master can report performance of the team by status reports, progress measurements and forecasts.

How are you doing your Daily Standup meeting?

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