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Quality Has a Price

Today I was in Barcelona (one of the most beautiful cities with kind citizens in Spain, that I highly recommend to everyone). There, I read in a shop “la qualitat te un preu” (that in catalan language means “Quality has a price”).

Nowadays in south Europe there is a high interest in lower prices, and most of the sales are based on price. But really what does it mean? It means that the rest of the parameters are going to be changed/sacrified to achieve the price vector. Do you really think this is what customers want? Customers don’t buy price, they buy outcomes. The price is only a way of returning to the provider the value delivered. But, is it possible to deliver value at any price? Probably it is not. So, price can be an important vector, but not the most important one.
What differentiates one provider to another is Quality. When Customers receive Quality products and services, they have some flexibility for price. But if the provider doesn’t get Customer expectatives in Quality, any price is too high.
 “Quality matters” is not enough to define the importance of it. Quality is the ends in itself of the outcomes/value of the customer’s needs. No one would like the cheapest product or service that tomorrow will probably break.  Cheapest one is never a good option and most likely to fail.
Finally, what we want is that the Customers will return to us. So, Quality can’t be an option in our offering, it must be the only option. Customers need to know that with us they are safe, because our price is just the right one needed to deliver the agreed outcomes.
Do you think Quality is optional?

Author: angelberniz (All Rights Reserved by the author)
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