This article is one of most important and it will be written in a very simple manner to transmit a clear message to any Project Director.

The Mission of a Project Director is the following:

  •          Deliver a Product to a Client (according to Requirements).
  •          Make it profitable to his Company (according to Budget).

The ProjectDirector must achieve both points. If he fails in one of them, the Project will not succeed.

The Vision of a Project Director is to accomplish his mission in building a long term relationship, as a Strategic Partner to his Client, always helping to find a win-win solution for both.
As a Strategic Partner, it is not needed to hide this mission and vision from our Clients. Additionally, it is good to share these things with them – being transparent and working on both sides in the same direction.
This statement of Mission and Vision could seem very simple, but it is well known that this is a real challenge (meeting simultaneously our Client and Company requirements).

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