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Project Management Around the World – Spain #PMFlashBlog

This article is our contribution to the second #PMFlashBlog that is taking this days all around the world. We also were present in the first edition, so this event is becoming a classic in the Project Management world. Today in our contribution we will talk about Project Management in Spain.

In Spain there are highly qualified people in Project Management. As an example only in the company I work for, Indra, there are 596 qualified PMPs. This company has always made an effort to be a leading company in every industry they are focused in, and Project Management is the horizontal standard that guarantee the best quality is always delivered.

Spain has wordwide reference Business Schools, among which are: IE, ESADE, IESE, CEU, EADA, ESIC, etc. (the list would be very long). Some of them have already incorporated a specific programs on Project Management, and others I’m sure they will do it very soon.

Some of the Business Schools that currently are offering Project Management Masters/Programs are: IE Business School, Nebrija Business School, La Salle Business School, EOI Business School, etc. Between all of the, the IE Business School stands out, with the second worldwide PM Linkedin Group in spanish language that currently has 5807 members.

But Spain is not only a leader in PMP qualified professionals, in Spain there is also an increasing interest on ISO 21500. The new International Standard on Project Management has been deeply analized in Spain and companies are planning incorporate it in their corporate Project Management frameworks.

And there are more PM Best Practice players. In the last month, AXELOS has taken control of the Global Best Practice developed by the OGC (UK Office of Government Commerce) and we expect a big grow of PRINCE2 (the UK Project Management Metholodoly) because EXIN (the leading global Examination Institute) will be leading their certifications.

But of course all is not perfect in Spain. With the sometimes misunderstood emerging Agile methodologies and the “initiatives” aproach, in the last years in Spain with a deep economical crisis, some mid-size companies has moved from managing projects to managing initiatives. What does an initiative mean? very simple, they don’t have a budget, so they are driving change taking resources from others. But this lack of project management also has negative effects: without a Business Case they don’t know your destination and you neither know if you have arrived where you wanted to go.

It’s funny, but I’ve seen in Spain some mid-size companies driving change in an approach of a collection of initiatives. Different groups of people working on different initiatives, that we could say as part of a program, but in fact all disconnected because there isn’t such a program (an structured collection of related projects, each of one with a Project Manager and all directed by a Project Director – or Program Manager).

Project Management in some of these mid-size companies is still an emerging discipline, that with economical crisis sometimes have a bit forgotten, probably seen sometimes as some bureaucracy that could be managed in a faster way (for example as initiatives, tasks, lists, to-dos, etc).  SO, We are still far to think about the next levels of PM maturity, for example Risk Management based on ISO 31000.

On the contrary, for Spanish big companies thinking globally, Project Management has become their driving key for achieving their business strategic objectives. Spanish big companies todays drive all their project in a corporate PMO, and sometimes they also implement specific project PMOs for their big Customers. As I mention before, all of them have a large number of qualified professionals and have developed corporate frameworks and methodology based on international standards on Project Management.

I hope have helped you to have a better view of the Project Management situation in Spain.

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